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b. Dundalk, Ireland 1996

Graduate of the Sculpture & Environmental Art at the Glasgow School of Art, 2019

Current studio holder and Intern Co-ordinator at Glasgow Ceramic Studio and part of the technical team at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop


My own  work questions where objects come from and what objects mean; the processes, the crafts, the people and the stories behind them. By subtly or dramatically changing the materials of these objects I attempt to expose and change the narratives that they tell. I am questioning what is aesthetically beautiful and valuable by using various skills to cast objects in different roles, ‘transforming ephemeral memories into crystallised objects, making the historic intimate and the scientific fallible’. I explore personal histories and the myriad, far-reaching themes associated with them in order to somehow address our shared existence. These often include, but are not limited to, ideas relating to memory, nostalgia, the domestic or ‘homely’, as well as the bodily and the abject. I tend to draw on my own experience, a kind of micro-politics, in order to open up to the macro and the universal. By expanding Annette Kuhn’s ideas of ‘memory work’ into the sculptural field, I am constructing ‘autotopographies’ of evocative or affective everyday objects, that resonate with the viewer in both thinking and feeling ways, engaging both the head and the heart. I am extremely interested in objects’ abilities to both house and reproduce memories and associations, and how toying with materiality and modes of display can affect this. 

About Méabh


(b. 1996)

Through a range of ever-expanding media from used tissues, to ceramic, to gold and beyond, I explore my own personal histories and the far-reaching themes associated with them in the hopes that I can meaningfully address our shared existence.